a yearlong invitation to honor history, celebrate progress, and enjoy
the Anacostia River and its surroundings while envisioning an inspiring future.

2018: the Year of the Anacostia


2018 is a big year for the Anacostia River corridor in Washington, DC and Maryland. The open space along the slow and gentle river was preserved as park land in an act of Congress on August 31, 1918 — 100 years ago. At the same time that we celebrate the legislation that preserved Anacostia Park, we will also cheer the completion of DC Water’s Anacostia River Tunnel, which will substantially improve water quality in the river. Meanwhile the DC Department of Energy and Environment and the National Park Service will make the final decision on the most effective way to clean up the riverbed, and the Major League Baseball’s All-Star game will be hosted at Nationals Park on the waterfront in July.


These are just some of the milestones, anniversaries, projects and events that together make 2018 a significant year. The Year of the Anacostia is a monumental opportunity to acknowledge history and look to the future: we have an opportunity to transform the Anacostia waterfront into a vibrant, healthy and thriving civic space in the heart of the District. The Anacostia corridor, once a dividing line in the capital, should be a touchstone for ecological restoration, equitable economic growth, and a celebration of community strength and unity.

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#FindYourPark with the National Park Service


Celebrate 100 years of Anacostia Park 

Join the National Park Service in celebrating 100 years of your neighborhood national park that meets the Anacostia River. Make lasting memories, enjoy the river and learn something new during Anacostia Park's centennial celebration. 

Visit the Anacostia Park Centennial Website

Celebrate 200 years since the birth of Frederick Douglass

Honor the life and legacy of Frederick Douglass, the "Lion of the Anacostia," during the bicentennial year of his birth. Join the National Park Service for special events, educational programming and family fun throughout 2018 at the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site. 

Visit the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial website



Cleaning up the Anacostia


Cleaning up the Water

The Anacostia River Tunnel Project is the second in a series of four tunnels that will mitigate combined sewer overflows that are currently discharged to the Anacostia River. The 23 foot diameter tunnel is approximately 12,500 feet in length and extends from Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Stadium in northeast DC to Poplar Point in southeast DC, and will divert raw sewage from being discharged to the Anacostia River. Not since the construction of the original sewer system in the early 1900’s and the Metro has the District seen construction of this magnitude. In March 2018,  upon completion of this first phase of the Clean Rivers Project, combined sewer overflows to the Anacostia River have now been reduced by 81 percent.

Learn about DC Water's Anacostia Tunnel Project

Cleaning up the Sediment

The Anacostia River Sediment Project is focused on the cleanup of contaminated sediments in the Anacostia River and is being implemented by the District’s Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) and the National Park Service (NPS). The project’s overall goal is to protect public health, protect the environment and eliminate the need for restricting use on the Anacostia River. A Proposed Plan that specifies the selected cleanup option for the contaminated sediments is scheduled to be completed in 2018

Learn more about the Anacostia River Sediment Project →

Cleaning up the Land

Several sites along the Anacostia River have been identified as in need of remediation and various local and federal government agencies are leading projects to clean them up. The cleaning up of these areas is important because not only because remediation will heal the natural environment and improve human safety, but also because the planning processes for these areas will pave the way for the redesign and/or redevelopment of these sites. Many of these planning efforts are projected to be complete in 2018

Learn more about the remediation projects along the Anacostia River



Something for everyone!


From the Anacostia River Festival in April to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Nationals Park in July, there will be an event for everyone during the Year of the Anacostia.