Host an event as part of the Year of the Anacostia

Do you or your organization have an event planned for 2018 that is focused on celebrating, honoring, enjoying or envisioning the future of the Anacostia River, the waterfront parks or the communities along the Anacostia corridor? Join many other organizations, agencies and residents as we embark on the Year of the Anacostia! Host an official event or program or brand your existing event as part of the campaign and be part of the legacy. 

By hosting a Year of the Anacostia event, you will:

  • Have the right to use the official Year of the Anacostia logo.
  • Be included in the Year of the Anacostia calendar of activities.
  • Get promoted with other Year of the Anacostia events through press releases, newsletters, and other resources.
  • Receive an official Year of the Anacostia project host certificate.

To be approved as a Year of the Anacostia signature event, your event must:

  • Be relevant to the environmental, social, cultural, historical or economical value of the Anacostia River watershed.
  • Offer inclusion to diverse audiences with various demographic backgrounds.
  • Provide a meaningful experience or engagement.
  • Preserve and not damage the resource.

When is the deadline and how does the process work?                                                                                                              

  • To be promoted through Year of the Anacostia outreach and newsletters, you must submit your event at least four weeks in advance of the event date.
  • To be included in the first edition of printed calendar of activities, please apply by March 30, 2018.
    • Don't worry if you miss this first deadline for the printed calendar of activities! Your event can still be considered and if approved, will be included in the official web-based calendar and can be included in future print versions. 
  • All applicants will receive a letter notifying them of the decision regarding their application. Organizers of approved events will receive a certificate and guidance on how to use the official logo for reproduction on your event material.


If you plan to host your Year of the Anacostia event in Anacostia Park, additional permits from the National Park Service will be needed. NPS permits will need to be submitted well in advance of your event due to the application process. The earlier the better! 


If you are interested in adding your event to the Year of the Anacostia calendar, please use this form to provide information and contact Pya Langley with any questions. An organizer will be in touch with you. 

Point of Contact Name *
Point of Contact Name
Event Address/Location *
Event Address/Location
This description will be used on the events calendar.
Describe how your proposed event will fulfill the mission and goals of the Year of the Anacostia. Our mission is to honor history, celebrate progress, and enjoy the Anacostia River and its surroundings as we envision an inspiring future. Our goals are to celebrate and enjoy our river parks and communities, honor the history of the Anacostia River, and envision and inspiring future of the waterfront for generations to come.
Photo: Anacostia Waterfront Trust

Photo: Anacostia Waterfront Trust

Photo: 11th Street Bridge Park

Photo: 11th Street Bridge Park

Photo: Beck Harlan

Photo: Beck Harlan